1,The rainbow ball include 12 laps and 11 different colors balls. Firstly upset the ball and the corresponding color , and then restore, The final reduction structure is rainbow circle and rainbow ball color consistent. 2, Function: colored balls to walk in orbit, feel good, can fully exercise the logical thinking ability of children’s brain and hand coordination, and fully exercise the sensitivity of children of color. 3, Safety warning: children under 3 years of age to be accompanied by parents;Contains small parts Do not import, to prevent children from playing to cause suffocation. This product may have a slight deviation from the pictures and illustrations on the packaging.

Product Features

  • ABS plastic environmental protection material
  • Ball diameter is 75 mm, weight is 130g, send a free cube bag as photos
  • A total of 12 holes corresponding to 11 colors of the ball
  • Play easily and interesting for kids and adult
  • Compact and portable design for more convenient to carry, play it anywhere as you like

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