A first step in getting the individual to understand that their actions have consequences, and to encourage them to take responsibility for their behaviour. This A4 board allows the child to choose their own reward (12 symbols are included, although this board can also be used with your existing PECS system). They can then be encouraged to work towards this reward, earning stars for good behaviour. Once the individual receives 5 stars, they can then receive the reward. From our own experience, we have found it works better if an individual can only gain stars, and never lose them as this can be extremely demotivating and can cause anxiety-related behaviours. This product, like all our products, was inspired by some of the difficulties we have gone through in raising our own autistic son over the years, and includes a lot of strategies that have helped him to cope with some of the challenges life can bring.

Product Features

  • All symbols are 4.5cm squares, making them easy to see whilst still being a good size to hold and use.
  • Made from plastic for increased durability. Waterproof, resistant to grease and cannot be torn.
  • Boards and symbols all come with good quality sticky backed Velcro, easy assembly – simply pop symbols out and stick velcro on. Ready to use in 2 minutes!
  • All corners have been rounded to reduce the likelihood of scratches.
  • We use only Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols (used with permission). These are the most commonly used symbols with ASD, meaning the individual will not need to learn several symbols for the same thing. Generalising concepts by using several different specific photos for the same thing in different settings is something that many people with ASD find hard to cope with.

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