Helps relieves stress and anxiety ADHD OCD and Autistic patients find the toy fun and calming.
Promotes focus and concentration while helping fidgety fingers busy.
Keeps hands occupied to reduce tension and fill a sensory need.
Proprietary stitching method to ebsure marble doesn’t pop put.
You can squeeze or slide the marble forth and back, bend it, fold it, soothe fidgety fingers and help relieve stress, calm nerves
Break old bad habits by keeping your fingers busy to stop nail picking and biting, and prevent new ones from forming
These fidget toys are suitable for both children and adults, to focus on things or reduce anxiety.
Slide the marble inside back and forth while at work or in class, to stay focused or reduce anxiety and stress.
Loved by teachers, parents and therapists, these toys are great for use in the classroom, car, office, doctor’s office, helpful for ADD, ADHD, OCD, autism, fidgeting hands, bouncy feet, etc
This little tools are noiseless, won’t bring any noise to others. And it’s small enough to not be completely distracting for all of the students.
They are made of high quality, BPA-free plastic and premium marbles, do no harm to health.
Color:Colorful (Red, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue)

CHOKING HAZARD: The toy contains a marble.
Does Not suit for children under 3.
Rinse under water or wash with clothes.
Do not use high heat to dry.
Package Including
12 pcs

Product Features

  • Made of durable high quality density nylon and marble
  • Proprietary stitching method to ensure marble doesn’t pop out
  • Machine washable and air dry
  • Recommended by teachers, parents and therapists.
  • Have been proven to relieve stress and stay focused, helped special needs with ADHD ADD OCD and Autism

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