Twiddle Mega 175pc Blue, Green & Purple It starts as a folded-upon-itself ball of stuff. Unfold it quickly, and let the fun begin. You’re holding a length of Twiddle Desk Fidget Toy. Twiddle is amazing. Whether you want to pretend you are an Elder Being folding and unfolding time and space, or just a scientist riddling out a piece of RNA, Twiddle is just the thing for your fingers to play with while you sit at your desk pretending to work (or thinking deep about such things as deep thoughts and the like). Each Twiddle Desk Fidget Toy is a length of disconnect-able links. These links can be easily popped apart and put back. Combine colours, build little structures or patterns, or just feel the little links clicking and bending in your hand (sort of like am RNA stress toy). And they click because the links can lock in 90° angles for more control over your building and/or fiddling.

Product Features

  • Fidget, Crunch, Shape
  • 175 fun, interchangeable pieces that can be shaped, molded, torn apart or snapped together in endless ways
  • Great fiddle toy – everyone is going crazy over Twiddle
  • Unlimited fun
  • 175pcs Mixed: Blue,Green,Purple

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