The origin of toys

It is difficult to determine the origin of the toys. Already in the ancient Roman Empire, the children were entertained with ivory dolls and tabas.

The industrial revolution and the new technologies have given a 180º turn to the concept of toy, since the production of the toy industry has evolved from the wooden carts and rag dolls to modern and increasingly sophisticated videogames, talking dolls that Emulate the behaviors of babies or cars with remote control.

Importance of toys in childhood
Play is the main activity that the little boy performs. Through play the child grows, develops and lives.
The game is not only an entertainment, but through the game the child learns to solve problems and contributes to both his psychomotor and intellectual development.

The baby begins to play instinctively and without purpose, but with the game explores, and begins to know, the world around him. Little by little the game becomes something more complex, an instrument that helps you solve problems and better know and manipulate everything around you.

The game as learning

Initially the first purpose of the game is merely playful: entertaining and entertaining. But little by little the ludic favors motor development (running, jumping, walking, manipulating objects) and the intellectual (the child is repeating actions logically, which helps him achieve his goals).

Therefore, it is important to choose the toy that best adapts to the child’s age in order to promote its correct development. The choice of the toy must be individualized, for example if we offer a small child a complicated toy will not take advantage of it, while if another child more advanced we offer a simpler toy or one that already dominates will get bored and leave sideways.

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