Tornado Fidget Pen v2.0

Only the finest quality materials are used for the construction of this amazing flexible fidget pen. It has been extensively tested for optimal weight and balance, fake fidget pens are either too heavy to write with or are poorly made using substandard materials resulting in an pen which is easily damaged. The pen comes in a beautiful well presented sturdy black gift box and its a perfect gift for family and friends.
Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, a stocking filler, back to school gift or just to show your appreciation to someone; this is the ideal gift.


• 1 x Pen (13 Segments)
• 1 x Truecolour black gel refill
• 2 x Large steel ball bearings
• 8 x Medium steel ball bearings
• 2 x Small steel ball bearings
• 1 x Metal Clip
• 2 x Stylus attachments

Whether your a teacher, office worker or a teenager studying for exams the Tornado Fidget Pen has helped people from all walks of life.
It’s the perfect tool for relieving the effects of stress, ADD, ADHD and fidgeting. It can also help you quit smoking and its a ideal aid for staying awake on long car journeys.

Become a zen like Buddha without having to meditate!!
Clear your mind and your chosen path will be of clarity and peace as long as you have your trusty pen at your side!

Product Features

  • Tornado Fidget Pen – High quality premium craftsmanship 100% guaranteed
  • Pen – Stylus for tablets and gaming, compass, phone stand and many more useful applications
  • Fidget – Bored, need a break! Create fun shapes and discover your own inner creativity; sky’s the limit!
  • Benefits – Antidote for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD, anxiety and autism
  • Lifestyle – Alleviates stress, calms the mind, helps with concentration at work, more focus with homework/exams and most importantly it’s lots of fun!

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