This toy was actually designed by a person who suffers from ADHD. Soon his friends wanted them, then their friends wanted them, then their children wanted them. The creator of this toy approached The Sensory University with his creation and it has quickly become one of our top sellers. You will be amazed at the fact that your child will cherish this little device like a best friend that he or she can carry in their pockets. Within minutes of your child’s first interaction with this toy, he or she will never want to be without their little fidget friend. Please click the photo to find out how this toy can ease your child’s anxiety.This product is small enough to create a choking hazard if placed in mouth. Not for use with small children, or children which may be prone to placing items in mouth.

Product Features

  • Excellent hand fidget for sensory seekers
  • Great for use at school
  • Keeps kids at the dinner table by offering stimulation
  • Instantly calming

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