Tangle Jr. Brain Tools Classics are a pocket sized fidget toy with the ability to help children focus and relax while engaging their creative side as well! These innovative toys are based off the sculptures of artist Richard Zawitz and surpass the designs of stress balls because they allow you to create while releasing nervous energy! The Tangle Creations are designed to connect, curve, and be manipulated into different patterns. The continuous motion and creative outlet make Tangle Jr. Classics perfect for the classroom to help students with attention disorders or learning disabilities. These twisty fun toys stimulate chemicals in the brain that are associated with attention, processing, motivation, concentration memory, and elevated mood. Recommended by teachers, parents, and professionals Tangle Jr. is a great therapeutic toy for children or adults. This pack of three is a great starter for you to try out the fidget to focus method.

Product Features

  • Great starter pack for fidget to focus toys!
  • Twisty fun toys that also function as educational and therapeutic activities.
  • These are great to connect and build science projects with to represent things like DNA!
  • Tangle Jr. is a great therapeutic toy for children or adults.
  • Helps aid concentration and improve focus!

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