The Textured Tangle Jr. is a puzzle, a game, and even a fashion accessory. Twist it, turn it, and Tangle it; the Textured Tangle plays like a regular Tangle, but has a fun textured style with bumps and grooves on its pieces. Make your own work of art with the unique toy that’s sure to entertain and make you happy during travel time or quiet time – great for both children and adults. You can even collect and connect multiple Tangles, since the Textured Tangle Jr. connects to other Tangle Jr. toys (sold separately). With Tangle, you can do almost anything – the only thing you can’t do is put it down! Colours may vary.

Product Features

  • Tangles are a series of curves that connect and pivot with no beginning and no end.
  • Tangles have long been famous as a fidget toy and stress reducer.
  • Tangles are made up of 18 interconnected small pieces that do come apart and can be put back together.
  • Size 18cm long, 5cm when coiled with textured and smooth parts
  • Tangles are made from plastic and are lead free, latex free and do not contain phthalates

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