Do Stressballs Really Work?

Stressballs are seen by some as a fun product, how can a squidgy ball help reduce your stress?

There is actually some very well tested science behind the benefits of using a stress ball, psychological theory suggests that when we are under stress we take information in through two channels. The first is a basic primal sensory channel (the sights, sensations, sounds, smells of a situation) the second is the intellectual channel (our brain trying to make sense of what’s going on, and put it into words and a context that we can talk about). Extensive research has shown that if the basic sensory channel is ‘blocked’ then events that we experience are less vivid i.e. the intellectual channel is muted.

Also our brains process information which comes from the movement of our hands. This means that stress relief techniques which concentrate on the hands will use up more “brain cycles” and pull processing power away from intellectual activities. So using your hands to crunch a stress ball, can “mute” the stress you are feeling on an intellectual level.

Stress Balls x 4 – These Stress Balls especially chosen for its good resistance when squeezing (it springs back into shape straight away). Squeezing the ball releases tension and gets your blood circulating into your hands. Stress balls are wonderful for relieving tension and pent up frustration. Many people will find that when they are going through a period of stress they feel the need to do something with their hands. They can be squeezed over and over again until you feel your nerves calming down because most are made from materials that regain their original shape when they are not being squeezed. This is our Best Seller we sell thousands every year.

What you get: 1 x Yellow, Blue, Orange and Pink Smiley Stress Ball (60 mm diameter).

Product Features

  • Stress Balls x 4 in Yellow, Orange, Blue and Pink
  • These Stress Squeezers are made from foam and are of a medium consistency. They are NOT made from plastic, rubber or putty type material.
  • Unique Product to StressCHECK- 60 mm Diameter
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  • Ideal for Stress Relief, Autism & ADHD

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