Material: aluminium films
Package quantity: 6pcs

Warm tips:

Please inflate the balloons gently in case of burst.
Sharp objects, dirty floors, direct sunlight, and excessive extrusion will cause to damage or burst.
Please frequently inflate the balloons in winter or cold days, deflate them in summer or hot days.
Please inflate these balloons the same day you need to use them, one time inflating of hydrogen or hellium usually keeps balloons floating about 6-14 hours.

Product Features

  • These animal balloons can be filled with hydrogen or hellium for walking effect
  • Each ballon is brought to life by inflating, it can be pumped by handheld air pump easily
  • Made with high-quality materials, welded seams and special inflation valves designed for long-lasting fun
  • Package includes 6pcs balloons: bulldog, giraffe, zebra, elephant, pan
  • Perfect accompaniment to any type of party, birthday celebration, ball events and a good gift to your lovely kids

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