Sensory Fiddle Squiggly Light Up Colourful Puff Pet Duck. If you make sure the ball is loose in the body of the creature and then hold it by the legs or tail, find where about’s the ball is and hit it against the back of your hand or the palm of your hand – firmly for it to light up. The feel of this pet duck is amazing, you won’t want to let him out of your hands. They’re made from a lightweight rubber material and can fit into the palm of your hand measuring approx.3 inches. Use for brainstorming, ADHD or Autism, keep little hands busy. Attitude – Strategies and Support for ADHD ” Fidgeting has been shown to help ADHD children focus” Colour will be chosen at random – all colours are bright and pleasing to the eye.

Product Features

  • Sensory Fiddle Squidgy Light Up Colourful Puff Pet Duck
  • Party bag filler
  • Brainstorming, ADHD or Autism
  • Stress reliever, fidget happily away
  • Duck

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