Please be noticed:This pen will be a little transformative after the strong force.It is normal phenomenon, and doesn’t affect the use.

Product Descriptions:

Combine The Pen As You Like
All accessories can be installed as various combinations.You can just use your imagination!

The pen body and the clip were made of flexible materials(high quality spring inserted), but both of them are with solid constructions. You can warp them as you want.

All accessories were made from strong magetic materials. Even spinning with high speed, they will not drop down. And you can spin the pen whenever you like, it will rotate smoothly.

A novel clip it contains! The clip is detachable, not only can be clipped into your backpack,purse,notebook, but also can be used as an entertaining tool when you are boring,nervous.

Materials: High quality metal and spring
Dimensions: 5.7 x 0.47 inches
Packaging: with a beautiful gift box

Product Features

  • A fidget toy helps you relax yourself:✔ Contains various playing methods,this toy can be slided,twisted and rotated. Made from power magnetic materials,the accessories will not drop down when they are rotating fast.
  • A useful and funny toy set:✔It can write as the normal pen, but it can be also used as a decompression toy! When you are nervous or anxious, you can use this pen to divert attention.And they are very easy to carry.
  • An elegant present for anyone of any ages:✔The person who receive this toy set,he/she will be surprised! Packaged with a gift box, a great present for your family,parents,lover and friends.
  • Diversified combinations makes it interesting:✔The accessories can be combined as various installation.You can just use your imagination!
  • High quality materials, Solid constructions:✔All accessories were produced with high quality metal.The pen and its clip insert with high quality springs, they can be bended as you want.

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