Made of FDA approved silicone, you can rest assured that our pencil toppers are free of BPA and Phthalate particles Unlike other pencil toppers on the market, this pencil toppers can withstand repetitive use by most chewers It can easily be put on or taken off of the pencil if your child decides to use the topper to chew or calm without the writing device Getting your child to focus is much easier with the use of our pencil toppers; They are easy to take to school for use in a classroom, or left at home These pencil toppers come in a 2 pack of 2 different vibrant colors; Very easy to clean by simply washing them in warm or hot water

Product Features

  • Pack of 2 Sensory Stylish chewys for special needs
  • Can be used as a Pencil topper, Chew toy, Teething toy
  • Pack contains 1 red & 1 blue Food Grade Silicone Topper
  • Made from medical grade material
  • FDA approved, latex free.

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