As I prescribe a new academy luggage online for my lad I glance up as he flaps and chortles at the same 10 seconds of video he’s had on repeat all day. He has no idea about should be going to clas like he has no idea about so many things in life.

He had no idea why academy unexpectedly stopped , no opinion why his procedure abruptly varied and no sentiment why he could no longer splash in the local swimming pool or crawling around in soft play at the weekends like he’s done for the last 11 years.

Like so many millions from around the world with substantial teach disabilities he has been totally inattentive to the pandemic that has broom all countries of the world and reformed all “peoples lives”.

Right now parties like my son might motive concern for so many. He can’t understand or mention social distancing, he can’t wear a face mask, those be looking out for him, including teachers and respite staff, have to have prolonged close contact in order to keep him safe and even drying hands isn’t something he understands or can do without immense stress to himself and others. He can’t speak so signage is useless, he can’t shop alone and he can’t say if he ever has any symptoms.

He’s not up to date with the information neither is he annoyed for the future.

He lives in the here and now, has no concept of coin, and blithely flaps at the same thing he watched weeks before and still has on repeat.

As I look at his smile and hear his laugh, I am so grateful for people like him: All those with such a simple level of living have so much better to school us and even more so now as we steer through this year.

Those wonderful and very special people who remain self-evident to the pandemic show us that each day has something to offer, even if it’s the most simplest of things like smiling gratefully at being given a snack or giggling as the first raindrops of the day shores on your snout and tickles you.

They teach us patience and understanding and tolerance of others. When the world says to stand back from everyone and evaded physical contact there’s something improbably touching when a person like my lad takes your hand because he recognises no different or picks up keys a stranger ceases and mitts them to them without nervousnes of catching anything because he has no understanding there’s anything he could catch. Or when he came to a shop with me and at the checkout ran up a little too close to the server because he was ratifying’ thank you’ because he can’t verbally say it. Yes he interrupted regulates but he doesn’t know or understand and there’s no malice or plan for those with his stage of comprehension.

Sounding after my son and preserving him safe this year hasn’t been easy.

Yet his innocence, its capability to adore every day and find fun in the naive of things, his lack of fright and total trust that his needs will be met, his natural enthusiasm and inspire, his rapturous obliviousness to the entire worldwide pandemic is so refreshing and healing.

So, to all those obvious to world events this year, to all those with significant study disorders, complex the requirements and those unable to comprehend for any number of reasons: thank you. You continue to show me that the future is brighter than we think, tomorrow will give us reason to laugh and even if it feels like the same ten seconds are on repeat over and over we can still flap and laugh and find exuberance regardless.

The rain isn’t so bad when that first drop shores right on the end of your snout and it tickles. And even though it is runs down merely zip up your coating and have fun anyway.

There’s a lot to be said for all those self-evident to the events of 2020 and the world is so much better having those children and adults like my lad in it.

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