If you haven’t tried TOROIDZ yet, then it’s only a matter of time. It is the toy that is set to WOW the world, yet it is still relatively unknown. It is like a magic steel bubble (kinetic sculpture) that rolls down your arms and tickles you as it goes. Toroidz are great fun passing from person to person or can be enjoyed solo. It can also slinky down ropes and poles. BEST PRICE ON THE WEB & HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED.

Product Features

  • TOROIDZ – Instant Smiles! Fidget Toy. – Fun for All Ages. (4+) / With Carry Bag
  • 3D ARM SLINKY – Mesmerising Interactive Spring Toy – Amaze your friends as it spirals down your arms like a magic steel bubble. Creates WOW! reactions.
  • EASY TO LEARN – Pass it around or Play Solo. Roll it down a rope or stick! They travel like spheres making a gyroscopic tornado that feels amazing!
  • OFFICIAL HIGHEST QUALITY – Same quality as TOROFLUX, Dynamic Steel, GeoFlux, FlippyFlux. (Original Manufacturer)
  • HEALTHY MOVEMENT- Improves co-ordination. Active science and physics using the TORUS shape. CALMING and HIGHLY TACTILE – Great for Autism / Autistic / Down Syndrome Child, Teen or Adult

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