Talk is cheap but it’s not always funny. Stupid noises, on the other hand, are always hilarious. But unless you can perform vocal gymnastics like the bloke off Police Academy they are not that easy to make. Enter the sublimely ridiculous Sound Machine. This handheld electronic noisemaker is preloaded with 16 gloriously infantile sound effects, from cheers, boos and wolf whistles to farts, belches and gun shots. It’s destined to provide the soundtrack to your life. Indeed we’re about to hit its comedy punchline button at the end of this very sentence!

Product Features

  • Hilarious prankster sound effect machine, pocket sized for pulling the ultimate noisy prank!
  • Features 16 cartoon sound effects including kaboom!, splat and cartoon running sound
  • Includes batteries
  • Pack measures 11.4 x 17.9 x 2 cm
  • Contains small parts, choking hazard

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