Your cuddly puppy friend Oscar is HUGE and soft– you can use him as a pillow or snuggle up to him after a stressful day to help you relax and forget all your worries. Gone are lonely nights,
as he always keeps you company and never gets tired of cuddling! Having him around gives you comfort and assurance, so you never have to feel lonely again.

The only trouble you will have is saying Good-bye to him when you leave for the day.

While this plush puppy Oscar from Niuniu Daddy might still be just a toy for you, he means so much more to your children. Do you still remember your favorite toy when you were a child?
Did you have to take it everywhere you went and cried in devastation when someone separated you or your parents didn’t allow you to take it to school?!

This kind of emotional attachment to their toys is very common among children, as they see their new friend as human with feelings and thoughts. Through speaking, hugging and interacting with their puppy,
your child is able to learn life-long and invaluable lessons about expressing their feelings, social interactions and showing affection and love.

Your child can use Oscar as a playmate to engage in simple role- play, which promotes imagination and the ability to interact with others. Join in and make your child smile by waving puppy’s paws to say Hello!

Oscar can also help your child relax in times of anxiety, for instance when you are not around or in times of transition like starting school, moving to a new place etc.
Hugging their best friend and holding him close in times like this, will make your child feel safe and protected.

In your child’s innocent eyes , the Niuniu Daddy plush puppy you bought is a priceless gift that he or she will value forever.

Product Features

  • Size: Extremely soft and cuddly Oscar puppy designed by Niuniu Daddy; Measures 90CM from head to tail.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: Suitable for all ages and occasions: Cuddle, play or use your puppy as a pillow.
  • PET TOY and High Quality: Your pets will also love snuggling up to this adorable fluffy puppy! Use it as Pet Toy! Made of high quality plush material; Durable and safe for children; Eyes are tightly secured.
  • LIFE-LONG FRIEND: Oscar puppy is a loyal companion. His fluffy paws invite plenty of hugs and holding him in your arms feels like cuddling a big soft bear. Picture yourself touching his soft fluffy fur and looking in his adorable shiny eyes- it instantly makes you feel warm around your heart and brightens up your day!
  • SPECIAL GIFT: You can never go wrong with gifting someone special a cuddly puppy friend; No matter what occasion- Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day or just to say “thank you”, our puppy will always deliver a message of love with his elegant bow tie saying “love you”.

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