Product Description
The Black Widow Stress Cube is a black and red stress cube designed to reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. The fidget toy revolution of highly addictive desk toys will help you reduce stress and stay focused. Use the stress cube everywhere whether you’re on the job, in the classroom, at your house or on an adventure.
Every Stress Cube comes with six dynamic fidget features, Switch, Flow, Swivel, Compress, Soothe and Twist. Each feature is specially designed to settle uneasiness and keep you focused and stress free.
Switch allows you to turn on your attention and flip off stress. Flow is the joystick of focus letting you glide into attention. Swivel lets you spin life and dial into your desires. Compress lets you silently or loudly release stress and press on the motivation. Soothe gives you time to breath, reduce the anxiety, and wish your worries away. Twist gives you the gears and balls to roll with the punches and click into focus.
The Black Widow black and red stress cube comes in a matte black body with red buttons and black fidget Each of the 6 sides are designed with a specific purpose and provide different ways in which you can fidget and satisfy your cravings. They are made with a rubberized coating to give that smooth feel. Kid’s love them too and just can’t keep their hands off them! The little ones are fully on board when it comes to the fidget! If you’re that stay at home mom or dad that has some minions to take care of, give them one of these so you can get back to what you do best. They make the perfect gift for friends, family members, your kids, your kid’s kids, co-workers, and anyone that is a fidgeter. Get yours now!

Product Features

  • 100% brand new and high quality!
  • It’s specifically designed for people who can’t keep their fingers still and whether you’re a clicker, a flicker, a roller or a spinner
  • An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus, fidget at work, in class and at home in style
  • Really wonderful item to release your body and moods, make you focus on your work
  • Size: 1.8 X 1.8 X 1.8 Inches, package: 1 piece of black red fidget

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