Annabelle started mainstream nursery at 8 months of age, before we knew she had cerebral palsy.

As Annabelle’s disability became more apparent and she left the’ baby’ room to move on to the’ toddlers’ room it became more apparent that she would need extra buoy and equipment whilst in the nursery giving. She desired the’ baby’ room as was able to sit with the staff, read books and fondle for a significant proportion of her daylights there but she needed to start playing and interacting with the other children to aid her cognitive and social development.

Annabelle takes a while to settle with new people so every chamber move have contributed to us being anxious as to whether she would resettle and us questioning whether mainstream nursery was still right for her.

We have been very lucky and Annabelle has taken to most of the nursery faculty. The sheer love most of the nursery staff render Annabelle is indescribable. There has only been one member of staff who happened to likewise be her keyworker at the time that she was not able to create a bond with and that was primarily the time where we were really considering whether it was time to move her to a special needs nursery.

We continued and are so glad we did because quite soon after she was allocated a brand-new keyworker, one with more experience who improved nursery life massively within a few days.

Every change of area and keyworker from then on was always positive.

Annabelle move to the final area’ pre-school’ somewhat sooner than she was meant to as the previous apartment was very small meaning it was a struggle for Annabelle to access everything with her equipment.

We craved her to have her walker with her and wanted her to have a standing made there but there simply wasn’t the apartment so collectively it was agreed she would perform the move to’ pre-school’ where she would be back with a previous keyworker so there would at least be some element of acquaintance despite the change of room and the last increase of other children who would be around her.

We knew this was 100% the right thing to do for her as she needed to develop some independence within nursery. Soon after joining the room she procreated a brand-new attachment with a different member of staff and since then we haven’t searched back! She rapidly became Annabelle’s keyworker and I cannot admire her fairly. She cannot do enough to help Annabelle and the bail is magical.

Due to COVID we pulled Annabelle out of nursery for 15 weeks. We were uneasy when the time came to send her back. After 15 weeks of merely seeing her dad, her sister and myself would she still experience nursery?

Would she settle back in?

We didn’t need to worry; she was so happy to be back and overjoyed to be back with her keyworker. The breach from nursery was merely positive. She went back a different girlfriend. She is more confident, her discussion helped improve, she is happy being left to do her own thing and looks forward going in to see her friends, whereas before she was just interested in visit the nursery staff.

Seeing how the staff in’ pre-school’ are with Annabelle and fixing sure she is included in everything, has uttered us realise that mainstream is a great place for her and we hope that we are lucky enough to find local schools for her next year that has educators that can provide the same care and compassion as we were lucky enough to find at her nursery!

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