Each hole has a ball inside it, from there you can move the ball to the corresponding colour of the hole. The balls walk in orbit smoothly. It can exercise people’s logical thinking ability of brain and hand coordination, and fully exercise the sensitivity of colours. Age range:>4 years old. This product may have a slight deviation from the pictures and illustrations on the packaging.

Product Features

  • How to play: Put the ball into the corresponding colour of the hole. Also you can have a game with your friends.
  • It is a perfect gift for kids to develop their intelligence,for adult to kill time and release stress.
  • Packaging: transparent cylinder.
  • Play it in a similar way to a magic Cube mixed with a slide-tile puzzle. There is a hole in the ball with no ball inside, you can move a near ball to the empty hole, continue to mix up balls. Then You have to figure out how to restore the colour ball into orresponding colour holes.
  • Diameter:6.5cm

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