If you or your kids or someone around have always feel high anxiety or more stress. The sensory toys can help them relax, find inner peace.

Not easy to dirty hands, durable, very cute and feel comfortable in your hands.

It is said that you can repeat tens of thousands of times, no problem back and forth, as long as you are not afraid of hand rubbed broken skin.

Package Includes: 3 Pcs

Color: Green

Material: Friendly PVC

You will love it.

Product Features

  • The pea has a very cute facial expression in the middle of the pod. Whenever your fingers have nothing better to do.
  • Squeeze the bean when you feel blue or upset, it would bring some fun to you and help to relieve stree.
  • Simply squeeze those suckers right out of the pod as many times as you need to. Enliven your mood and bring humor to you.
  • A lanyard which you can attach to your keys, backpack, cell phones or other electronic devices. And also a great fun gift for friends.
  • Endless Fun !!! 🙂

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