Teachers can use these toys as prizes, and dentist or medical center can use them to help kids cooperate with the doctor or divert their attention.
They include a wide range of small and mid-size toys, such as, funny glasses, lip whistle, rings, party noise makers, paper planes, spinners, hand clappers, finger traps, and much more small prizes. The assorted items are specially selected to work for kids in the age between 5 to 12.
The selection of small and mid-size toys are designed to bring excitement and fun, to any carnival, and party event, by including a lot of noise makers, and kids whistles, as well as funny glass, and colored teeth, etc.

Product Features

  • 100 party toys, including a variety of toys in small and medium size, with minimum duplication in colors or designs, can be used as prizes.
  • Super value high quality 100 best-selling toys, will bring your children and their friends incredible fun!
  • 100 toys include a variety of small and medium-sized toys, such as: rings, whistles and party noise makers, finger traps, fake teeth, plastic racing cars and more interesting toys.
  • Toys meet the EU toy safety standards.
  • The assorted items are special selected for kids in the age between 5 to 12. They will bring a lot of fun from daily play to special events like carnivals and birthday parties. It also provides one hundred stocking stuffer and easter egg filler ideas.

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