There’s typically two types version,and this is the “cheaper” kind made in China.Perhaps there are a few flaws in manufacturing but the features work alrigh.It has all the same features for a much cheaper price.
1.Model number:IEA-16
2.Shape:Buttons toy
6.Material:High quality ABS+Button
7.Dimension:3.3*3.3*3.3 cm /1.3*1.3*1.3 in
8.Net Weight:35g
9.Place of origin:China

Package Included:
1x fidget cube

Product Features

  • About Cube:A cube has 6 faces,it doesnt show 6.
  • About Design:The overall design feels good in your hand.Each face has its own charm(It fits into the palm of an adult hand can you move it round and access the different sides with one hand).
  • About Features:Click+Spin+Breathe+Roll+Flip+Glide.Some sides make clicking sounds and some are silent(The silver ball click when pressed and the gears below it silent).
  • About Noisy:Like a ball point pen being pushed in and out in a quiet room. It is very irritating.
  • About Effect:To help you focus.Suitable for autistic and ADHD.

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