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  • Product Details This perfect new pinart Metal Pinart is a classic desk toy which will never go out of fashion. With high quality shiny metal pins it is a fun way to pass the time away in the home or office.You can create whatever art you want by pushing objects into the Pinart. The pins will stay in place leaving an image of the object in the pins. You can make a pin impression of your hand or face or capture the image of your favourite toy or pen.
  • Pinart is endlessly entertaining fun and allows you to make countless patterns instead of working. Spell your name or make an imprint of your hand or face – you can even imprint someone else’s face (always get approval prior to imprinting other faces). Truely a collector’s item. An art object of shimmering
  • beauty. At once an interactive sculpture that stimulates the imagination, challenges the senses, and in its unique and innovative instant-changing form, makes you the performer sculptor…an artist supreme. Unlimited image possibilities make pinart a gift that will fascinate everyone for hours. The perfect gift idea for those hard-to-buy individuals or great conversation piece at parties
  • Product Features: High Quality Classic pin art gadget Create fantastic art Use your hand, face and much more Endless entertaining fun Rrtro 1980 fun Measures 13.5cm x 11cm x 5.5cm
  • RETRO PIN ART FRAME Great Christmas gift Gently press on the back to create your own 3D impressions Brand new Boxed

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