Quercetti Georello Kaleido Gears With 60 years of experience creating educational toys, Quercetti has contributed to generations of children engaging in beneficial play that encourages creativity and stimulates intuitive reasoning. The Georello Kaleido Gears is a perfect beginning gear set. This 55 piece set has interlocking plates and decorated meshing gears. The gears come in 3 sizes. The plastic is not brittle, and is easy to handle. The board is not a set pattern, and can be build in various shapes. See how many ways you can make the gears spin. Also includes handle for making the gears turn. Made in Italy. Quercetti Toy introduces Georello Kaleidogears which is a 55 piece building set with interlocking soft plastic plates and meshing gears. Kaleido Gears provides hours of open-ended, colorful, creative play. This educational toy can also be a hobby for kids that stimulates reasoning, creativity, and mobility skills using gears as toys. Because the gears are unbreakable & safe they are able to be used by children as young as three! This is another great discovery toy from Quercetti Toy! Ages 3+

Product Features

  • This construction system stimulates children’s creativity, while it teaches simple mechanics:Includes a variety of pieces – square plates interlock easily to form flat or 3-D structures
  • Meshing gears creates exciting movement in a spectacular chain reaction
  • Each gear is decorated with a different design
  • Kaleidogears has no small parts
  • It is made of soft, washable plastic, totally safe and unbreakable

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