So many fidget spinners here, but do you know what different from them?

Two Sizes Fidget Spinner:Brass meterial, beautiful and luxury but unstable, and spins short time. NO!

Tri-Fidget Spinner:Stable, but cheap resin material, also shot spin time.NO!

Innoo Tech Six Winged Fidget Spinner:Multi-type combination, stable, long spin time (3-5 minutes guarantees). YES!

Why Choose Innoo Tech Fidget Spinner?

1.Made of Heavy Solid Brass, beautiful and luxury!
No likes other cheap meterial, easy to crash, so dim, fuzzy RGB colors, rough surface and getting rusty easily.
Our six winged fidget spinner has shiny surface and Anti-Scratch design, no worrying about the problems above!

2. 3-5 minutes guarantees! Long Spin time for fun!
Most fidget spinners guarantee that they can spin 1-3 minutes. 1 minute spin? 2 minutes spin? That’s too short for us to play!
Our fidget spinner guarantees for 3-5 minutes! Imange when you and your friends are playing these toys but they can only spin at most 3 minutes,
what our fisget spinner give for you: at least 3 minutes! Yes, you are the winner of the fidget spinner spinning game!

3.DIY Removal Parts Design keeps your unlimited fun!
Many fidget spinner can disassemble & assemble of their cap, BUT all parts of our six winged can be removal!
Make you keep busy in disassemble & assemble time. The best toys for kiilling time!

Yes!What Innoo Tech fidget spinner gives you are not only product guarantees, but also great customer services!

All the purchases of fidget spinner purchased from Innoo Tech are guaranteed with money back!
ny problems or questions after you purcahsed our fidget spinner, please contact us and we will give you the best solution!


It can be take apart and be care of the small piece for your kids to avoid CHOKING HAZARD.

Product Features

  • Long Spin Time – Use High Speed Stainless Steel Bearing , keep good balance and keep stable bearing center. Compare with other fidget spinners which use cheap resin material and bearing , it can spin 3-5 minutes. More time challenge, just decides on your hands.
  • Suitable Size for Playing – Ergonomics design, rather than other small size fidget spinners, this six winged brass spinner is more suitable for your hands to play, big enough to help you stress relief and smoking cessation, make you alleviation of ADHD, OCD and Anxiety.
  • DIY Removal Parts Design – Easily disassemble & assemble by yourself. All 6 arms are removable, you can removed or replace them to become two sides type, triangle type, even just spins with the body! Included most types of the fidget spinner. Decides what types you like to be by yourself.
  • Heavy Solid Brass Appearance – Made of high quality brass, rather than other cheap materials, brass looks more beautiful and luxury, ergonomic curved shape design is comfortable for hand and long term usage.
  • Bring Out Your Genius – This 360 Spinner can bring out your creative genius by increasing your concentration any time in any where. Helps you find new perspectives as you put your brain to use.

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