What causes the different price?
1. Others cube click side, 5 bottons are all silent. Ours, 3 clicker bottons, 2 silent buttons.
2. Others cube roll side, silver ball can not click, just roll and the gears roll very difficultly and make huge sounds. Ours, silver ball can click and roll. Our gears roll smoothly and make no sounds.
3. Others switch mots are stuck, difficult to press, Ours switch presses easily and dual magnets inside.
4. Others worry stone side is very shallow, Ours deeper.
5. Others six sides are apertured, Ours sides are seamless, fit closely.
6. Others just have paper box, Ours have the delicate leather case which shows in the picture.

Why you need Star fidget toy?
The design of this face is inspired by traditional worry stones,tools used to reduce anxiety when rubbed. Pivot this switch back and forth gently if you’re looking to fidget silently,or quickly for a more audible click. ?? You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action of this joystick. ?? No need to click that pen anymore.You’ll find 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons on this side design to satisfy the clicker in each of us. Let’s say good to stress

Package Include
1* fidget toy
1* case


Product Features

  • THE GADGET MADE FOR PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS FIDGET. Package includes 1*Fidgete Cube+ Leather Case
  • Fidget Cube is great for students who have trouble focusing without keeping their hands busy or for working professionals who need something to do during focused business meetings or phone calls.
  • SIX SIDES THAT EACH HOLD A FUN LITTLE DOODAD TO FIDGET WITH: clicker buttons; a joystick; a light-switch flip; a flat, worry stone-like surface; gears and a rolling ball; and a spinning dial
  • SMALL ENOUGH TO USE ANYWHERE: At the office, commuting, in class, studying, in a meeting or watching TV. Simply keep one in your purse, pocket, car, or desk drawer and know that you always have this simple device with you.
  • BENEFITS STUDENTS AND CHILDREN WITH ADHD AND AUTISM. Helps adults focus, relieves stress and anxiety.

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