A great focus helper: About this item features for all those of you out there with problems clicking, rolling, spinning and fidgeting during meetings, there’s Fidget : the desk toy that helps you focus. An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. All-round fit: The cube has something to satisfy every type of fidgeter. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style. If you’re a chronic fidgeter then it’s specifically designed for people who can’t keep their fingers still. Fidget is the gadget for you. Box Contains one Fidget Toy Cube

Product Features

  • THIS IS A WONDERFUL toy that relieves stress, helps you Fidget in a way that presents you professionally. Helps you with studying at school and at work. Recommended for everyone, once you try it you’ll see why!!!! You’ll understand how it relieves stress and helps you focus!!
  • SIX SIDES THAT EACH HOLD A FUN LITTLE DOODAD TO FIDGET WITH: clicker buttons; a joystick; a light-switch flip; a flat, worry stone-like surface; gears and a rolling ball; and a spinning dial.
  • It’s SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for people who can’t keep their fingers still, and whether you’re a clicker, a flicker, a roller or a spinner, the cube has something to satisfy every type of fidgeter
  • It is a GREAT IDEA for a gift to some friend who can’t keep their fingers still
  • THE GADGET MADE FOR PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS FIDGET. Package includes 1 × Fidget Cube+FREE BUNDLE 1 × Case.BONUS EBOOK is sent by email

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