A little stuff to help you deal with pressure and keep your mind on your job. Inspired by traditional worry stone, it could be used for licking, rolling, spinning and fidgeting, etc. It can satisfied all you want: with 7 different parts, can meet different demand from people. Help people to distract and focus their attention.
36.4gram and 3.2 cm, a small but portable size for people to put it in bag or pocket, bring this little stuff anywhere. Pay attention to the stuff you are doing while carry a cube. You can use it at home or school, anyplace you like.
A good gift for kids and adults. And you will like it soon.
Also our product has quality guaranteed: If the item was damaged during shipment, we will send you a replacement for free or Refund for you! Your money will not be waste!
Note: Design for 5 year and up kids, be aware of small component. Also don’t use this item when others need quiet condition.
1* Fidget Cube
May our product help you concentrate you mind.

P.S:Some customer said the box looks damaged,we swear that out product was 100% new,not used second hand.The possible damage on box was open by Inspectors ,the item was not damaged and new.

Product Features

  • A excellent toy for every people to concentrate their attention. Ideal choice for those people who can’t keep their finger still !This cube is design to release the stress and anxiety.
  • Painted with bright color,made with cute size and round corner. This tiny stuff will makes you feel fun. An ideal gift for both kid and adult. This little cube will make you feel peace.
  • This cube was little but many different funcation:6 size ,with 7 different part to suit most people’s choice: With joy stick, roller ball, spinning cog, switch, worry stone, turntable, button. No longer to click your pen!
  • Made of solid plastic ,strong shell and component. Chunky, rounded edge ,with cute size and color, our cube is durable and cute. More happiness and less stress.
  • The item is addictive and makes you want keep it anytime. Good choice for desk toy, keep in pocket and bag, you can bring it anywhere. Release your fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.

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