New And Improved 2nd Edition

Have you Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Pokemon Pikachu?

In this book, You will meet Pika, the little wimpy Pikachu who has decided to leave Kanto and follows his trainer Ash to explore the new land. The land that’s famous for its Pokemon Go Crave!

Will the discovery of “Pokemon Go” be a boon or bane for Pika and his team?

How can a wimpy Pikachu avoid being caught by those Pokemon Go trainers?

How will Pika and his friends react with Pokemon Go fans?

Is it a BIG mistake that Pika has ever made to leave his homeland Kanto?

You’ll be surprised at what you discover. So, jump into this Pokemon Go adventure and find out!.

To avoid any spoilers, please read the book 1 first:
Book 1: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 1

Diary of a wimpy Pikachu is a must-read for any kid or adult (who has never grown up) who loves Pokemon and Pokemon Go

*P.S> Don’t stop here, remember to follow the adventures in this series:
Gotta Grab’em All!
Book 3: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 3: Pokemon Go Escapee
Book 4: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 4: Pokemon Go Revenge
Book 5: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 5: Pokemon Go Unity
Book 6: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 6: Catch The Legendary Pokemon
Book 7: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 7: Pokemon Go Legendary Birds
Book 8: Diary Of A Wimpy Pikachu 8: The God Of All Pokemon

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