1. Choking hazard – children under 3 yrs may choke or suffocate on un inflated or broken balloons.
2. Children need adults supervision when playing the balloons,to avoid such dangerous situations.
3. This balloon may conduct electricity. Misuse may cause personal injury.
4. The Balloon is not flexible,so it better be filled with only 70%-80% air or helium.We are not responsible for the consequences of misuse.
5. To keep your balloon properly inflated,avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. In cold air, the balloon will deflate slightly ;Excessive heat could cause the balloon to burst.

Product Features

  • 1, Including: 4pcs 36″ Confetti Balloons and 1pc Balloon Pump. The confetti paper has been in the balloon, you can use them directly, no assembly required.
  • 2, Dimensions: Confetti balloon inflatable size approx.36″, uninflated size approx.12″, confetti size approx.2.5cm in diameter.
  • 3, Special Balloons: Differ from other ordinary ballons, after finished the party, punctured the confetti balloons, you and your loved ones will enjoy a colorful confetti shower, can feel of happy and romantic.
  • 4, Wide Usage: Confetti balloons suitable for Holidays, weddings, baby showers, birthday party, anniversary party or Christmas party. Confetti balloon is the best party decorations and party supplies.
  • 5, Tips: Please inflating using your helium tank or your electric pump. After pumping balloon by balloon pumps, please rub gently with carpet, silk, hair(best way) and roll the balloons. Static electricity is a good way to help you made the confetti stick to sides of the balloon.

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