This set from Daler Rowney includes 5 tubes of popular acrylic mediums, ideal for creating special effects with all acylic colours. There is also a short project sheet to get you started.Impasto Gel (1 tube each of gloss and matt): White, translucent heavy bodied gel to create textures, dries to a matt or gloss finish, ideal for covering large areas with heavy bodied acrylic colour.Glaze Medium (Gloss): White, translucent cream that increases the flow and transparency of acrylic colours to produce a fine glossy glaze. Can be used as an adhesive glaze medium perfect for collage, decoupage onto wood, board or even flat stone.Pearlescent Tinting Medium: Gives a pearly metallic lustre when mixed with acrylics. On its own it dries to an attractive off-white pinkish pearlised colour – works well on dark and light surfaces.Slow Drying Gel: Slows down the drying time of acrylics. Increasing proportions of the gel will increase transparency and reduce viscosity.

Product Features

  • Daler-Rowney is renowned as a world leading fine art materials supplier
  • Contains 75ml tubes of impasto gel (both matt and gloss), glaze medium (gloss), pearlescent tinting medium and slow drying gel
  • Create dramatic effects for fine art and crafts
  • The Graduate range has been created to perfectly meet the needs of students and hobbyists alike
  • Offers excellent value for money

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