Colourful Illusion, is a mesmerising article from a faraway land, which will dazzle all with its hypnotic beauty, but, there is a story to it’s origin. Once upon a time, in the magical land of Alanbatah, there was an evil emperor and this Evil Emperor decided that the world was much too colourful. This menace of a man grumbled and wondered, and wondered and grumbled until he could not bear the idea of his peasants and yeomen seeing the fabulous colours of the world as well as him, the colours were much too fabulous for any peasant to see. Indeed, he decided that the colours were only fit for the eyes of the richest man in all of the Kingdom: himself. So, one day, the Evil Emperor ordered his most powerful sorcerer to capture all the colours and trap them in a waterfall, and to place this waterfall in his garden where only he could admire it. So, this dreadful devil left the rest of his Kingdom in black and white! My, my the Evil Emperor’s people were very unhappy in their gloomy world, they were so miserable that they couldn’t stand it! So the people marched to the palace in hundreds and thousands and scared the Emperor and his cronies so much that they gave the colour straight back to the people! Colourful Illusion is a replica of the waterfall of colour, and nowadays in this humble land, you will find a miniature version of the Evil Emperor’s waterfall in every home, to remind of this terrible time.

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  • Beautiful Desktop Feature

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