Our liquid timers are transparent colour timers. Each timer has its own vibrant colour (green, blue and red). Your child turns them upside down and then watches as the liquid bubbles fall and bounce to the bottom.

 Educational Values: 

The action of the liquid motion can stimulate talk on the passing of time whilst acting as a visual sensory aid.Watch the oil and water droplets flow to show the passage of time. They take approx 60-90 seconds to run through.

This sensory activity is praised as a fun and stimulating early years resource for younger children. 

Size: 70 x 45mm.  

Advisory note: Liquid timers are filled with mineral oil, please take care as staining may occur if broken which in many cases can be removed with detergent and water. We recommend placing on a coaster or mat as a precaution. Do not let anyone regardless of age wonder around with one in their hands as they will break if dropped on a hard floor.


Product Features

  • Set of 3 attractive transparent colour timers in red, green and blue.
  • Ideal early years resource that shows the passing of time as the oil and water droplets flow through the timers.
  • Turn any of these 3 colourful liquid timers upside down and watch the bubbles fall and bounce to the bottom.
  • These little timers are ideal for stimulating discussion on time differentiation, keeping concentration or simply for providing a visual sensory experience.
  • Height – 7cm Diameter – 4.5cm

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