SPRINGZ, these chew toys sit on your childs arm as a bracelet. With a chew rating factor of 2.5 moderate chewers can use it as often as they like without the product loosing its form or durability. In addition to being bite friendly, they can be pulled and stretched up to 9 times its relaxed size. They are great sensory toy for all children but additionally they favour well as a special needs product for ADHD and autistic children / adults and fidgety dispositions. We are pleased to stock all 19 different colours options. These include 7 clear translucent colours (blue, brown, green, ice, purple, red and teal), 9 solid colours (aqua, black, bronze, copper, pink, purple, red, silver and toffee) and 3 bright neon colours (lime, orange and purple). These stylish colours can be bought as single or bulk items to help you best achieve your childs favourite colour. Finally, our chewable braclets are a safe chew as they are all made from BPA, pthalates, latex and lead free material which is NSF 61 compliant.

Product Features

  • A stylish way for you to keep a chew and fidget toy close
  • Their chew factor rating is 2.5 – ideal for moderate chewers
  • Approximately 9cm in diameter stretching up to 9 times its relaxed length
  • Made from NSF 61 compliant material (BPA, pthalates, latex and lead free)
  • We have over 19 different colours in stock

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