Our high quality, push along ‘Flappy Ducks’ come boxed in red or blue.

Please look in our Amazon store or search on Amazon for ‘All My Gift Ideas Flappy Ducks’ to pick your favourite colour.

Handcrafted & hand painted this strong, reliable, traditional wooden toy has rubber feet!

As you push the duck along the feet will flap on the floor providing entertainment for all!

Not suitable for children under 12 months.

Can be used as a fun aid to help teach youngsters to walk.

This high quality wooden gift for children continues to be a top seller!

Product Features

  • Flappy friends guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face! (Pick red or blue from our Amazon store)
  • Traditional classic for toddlers of 12 months upwards
  • Ideal for youngsters learning to walk – good for balance & coordination
  • High quality finish, sturdy wooden build and washable flappy feet!
  • H – 21cm W – 13cm D – 10cm Wood Handle – 47.5cm

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