Baby Shower Games for Your Special Baby Shower – Popular Shower Games to Incorporate Into Your Event

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So you’re holding a baby shower? Then you will need baby shower games to keep the guests entertained. While the baby shower is a good time to pamper the mom-to-be and make her feel very special there are also a number of guests that need to be kept happy for the duration of the event. Our focus here is on baby shower games, since these are always the most memorable part of any baby shower.
Baby shower games can be both silly and entertaining by overall they should be plain old fun. Some are intended to embarrass the mom-to-be, but others can really be fun and may even teach the guests something. The promise of a prize, even something token like, always adds to the enjoyment too.
Games can be a great way to get guests to mingle at a shower especially if they don’t know each other and it is also a great ice breaker. Here are some ideas for choosing the right baby shower games:
In the planning stages of the baby shower, be sure to discuss potential game ideas with the mom-to-be. She may have some definite dislikes when it comes to baby shower games, and since it’s her day, you want to be sure to plan something she’ll enjoy and be very comfortable with.
Plan the first baby shower game for early in the party because it can make for a great icebreaker, so try to schedule it for just after everyone arrives but just before the main food courses and gift opening.
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