Aoneky Foam Covered Dumbbell

Pay attention: Only ONE dumbbell for the price

Dumbbell is surrounded by foam and only 2 pounds so it is safe to use. If you ever work
out in front of your children you know they always want to exercise with you, that’s why this
is good to have. They can safely exercise with you. If they drop the dumbbell it will not hurt
them because of the foam.

Brand: Aoneky
Model: DB-02-BL
Handle: Steel
Grip: NBR Foam
The Ends: NBR Foam
Color: Blue
Weight: 2 lbs
Size: 9.45 x 2.75 inches

Package List:
1 x Aoneky Dumbbell

Product Features

  • Wrapped in foam material help you to protect you, your floor and other fitness equipment
  • 2 lb weight, foam and steel material
  • Padded foam grip and Firmer foam ends
  • Help to build up the strength in your children’s arms, promote the development of intelligence
  • Good for kids and women

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