Our fidget spinners are laser cut from branded PerspexTM acrylic and fitted with degreased centre bearings, delivered fully assembled.

ZrO2 hybrid ceramic are the most cost effective hybrid bearing and have a single metal shield to protect them from dust and pocket fluff. While not quite as fast as a Si3N4 hybrid or full ceramic they run quiter due to the shield and you can expect longer spin times after a breaking in period.

Available in 20 colours.

  • Steel bearings- 3 x ABEC5/6 and 1 x ZrO2 Hybrid Ceramic.
  • Included centre screw and spacers.
  • Bearings have a breaking in period to reach full speed and should be cleaned regularly to maintain performance.

    Fluorescent and clear colours are transparent, fluorescents being lighter in colour and opaque are solid / non transparent .

    All orders made before Midday will be securely packed and despatched the same day. We aim to try to accommodate other orders placed by 15:30, time permitting.

    Product Features

    • Laser Cut PerspexTM Acrylic
    • Centre Bearing – ZrO2 Hybrid Ceramic
    • Outer Bearings – ABEC5/6

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