Our fidget spinners are laser cut from branded PerspexTM acrylic and fitted with degreased centre bearings, delivered fully assembled. 5mm thick acrylic spinners with 608 bearings – (22mm outer diameter / 7mm thickness / 8mm inner diameter)

Available in 20 colours

  • Hybrid ceramic – 3 x steel ABEC5/6 and 1 x Si3N4 hybrid ceramic bearing.
  • Included centre screw and spacers.
  • Bearings have a breaking in period to reach full speed and should be cleaned regularly to maintain performance.

    Fluorescent and clear colours are transparent, fluorescents being lighter in colour and opaque are solid / non transparent .

    All orders made before Midday will be securely packed and despatched the same day. We aim to try to accommodate other orders placed by 15:30, time permitting.

    Product Features

    • Laser Cut PerspexTM Acrylic
    • Centre Bearing – Si3N4 Hybrid Ceramic
    • Outer Bearings – ABEC5/6

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