Wonderworld Wooden Rainbow Sound Blocks

Wooden circles, squares and rectangles with see-through colored windows. Each shape contains beads which rattle and they can all be fitted into the frame.

Product Features

  • Six quality wooden blocks with translucent coloured side panels
  • Each block makes a different sound when shook
  • Includes attractive wooden box for easy storage
  • Ideal sensory toy for babies
  • No sharp edges, sturdy and safe

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2 Responses to Wonderworld Wooden Rainbow Sound Blocks

  1. Miss L. T. Clarke says:

    Wonderful Rainbow Sounds Blocks I bought this toy for my 5 month old baby. She is now 10 months old and it remains a firm favourite. The individual pieces are wonderfully crafted and very tactile. The blocks are designed to be lightweight and easy to pick up for small hands. Each has a different coloured glass and a different rattle. My daughter loves this toy and has experimented with the different noises and shapes and stacking. Sometimes it is difficult to prise the blocks from her hands. She cut her first tooth on her…

  2. S. Jenkins says:

    A beautiful gift!