Early one morning a little spider begins to spin her web on a fence post. This book presents collages of familiar animals is the tactile experience of feeling the spider’s web as it grows from a simple line into a complex and beautiful creation.Every young child should be introduced to this story, as great a classic as its predecessor The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This colourful picture book describes a spider’s day. Blown onto a farmyard fence, she starts to spin a web. The other animals ask if she wants to play, but in every case “The spider didn’t answer. She was very busy spinning her web.” The book is “touchable:” the strands of web and other elements are embossed onto the page and you can follow them with your fingertips. But the best thing by far is Carle’s familiar–but still breathtaking–skill as an illustrator; his cow and goat and dog (just to mention three favourites) capture the essence of each animal in a way few artists can hope to approach. (Ages 0 to 4 years) –Richard Farr

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