Pencil Toppers – set of 2 Silicone Chewable Pencil Toppers, Therapy Toys, Chew Tubes, Oral Motor Chew, Training and Development Fidget Toy,Teething Babies,Sensory,Oral Motor, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD

Made of FDA approved silicone, you can rest assured that our pencil toppers are free of BPA and Phthalate particles Unlike other pencil toppers on the market, this pencil toppers can withstand repetitive use by … Continue reading

Chewelry Chewy Necklace Autism Sensory Chews Autism Jewellery Teething Therapy Toys for ADHD Biting & Special Needs Children / Adults who need to Bite Chew / fidget

SuperChumz Chew Necklace provides a safe, chewable,wearable, discrete, and cool solution for those who need to chew.

Use as an oral fidget (or even hand fidget) to help Calm, Soothe, and Concentrate during … Continue reading

Wey’s 5 Pcs Silicone Chewable Pencil Toppers , Therapy Toys, Chewy Tubes, Fidgets, Oral Motor Chew

Product Features

  • Made of FDA approved silicone, BPA free and Phthalate particles free
  • This pencil topper can withstand repetitive use by most chewers
  • It can be put on or taken off easily from … Continue reading

SAMS FISHING Tactile Puffer Bracelet Sensory Fidget for Kid Adhd Autism Stress Relief Therapy Stretch Bracelets Assorted Colors (Yellow)

Squishy ring toy with soft feelers, You can wear it, shake it or fling it
Soft and cushy toy for kids, Great for kids with sensory needs
Easy to wear everywhere … Continue reading

Veroda Bouncy Massage Ball tactile Sensory Therapy Round inflate Knobby Balls toys

The colorful massage ball is made of very durable rubber material .

Product Features

  • Great sensory, stress or fidget toy
  • Made of PVC/physiologically innocuous plastic compound
  • Large size allows easy interactive play with older … Continue reading

Pencil Grips – Set of 6 assorted colours – Ergonomic Writing Aid for Righties and Lefties – for optimum hand writing and colouring control. Great occupational therapy tool

Colorful 6 pack of Pencil Grips with Instructions to conquer that important fine motor skill.

•Do you have a child that is about to start Kindergarten?

• Is your child finding it … Continue reading

eBoot 5 Pcs Silicone Chewable Pencil Toppers , Therapy Toys, Chewy Tubes, Fidgets, Oral Motor Chew


FDA Approved.

BPA Phthalate Lead Free.

Soft enough for autistic chewing, yet firm enough to be durable.

4 different colors as picture shows.

Durable enough for even the aggressive chewers! … Continue reading