Smile Emoticon Pillow Pink Poop Smile Styles Emoticon Yellow Round Cushion Pillow Emoticon Stuffed Plush Soft Face Doll Toy Decor. 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee. (Smile Poo Rainbow)

Desire Deluxe have selected the most loved Emoticons from your phone screen for you!

Not only you can send them through chatting app, but also can bring them into you homes, offices, bedrooms and anywhere with you!

HUGE ASSORTMENT OF PLUSH EMOTICON PILLOWS: Show off your true emotions with your favourite plush emoticon pillow.

Desire Deluxe a leader in high quality home supplies is delighted to offer you our huge selection of plush emoticon pillows. These classic emoticon pillows are perfect for bringing some fun and colour to any room. Cute throw pillows are perfect for kids rooms, play rooms, and dorms.

Emoticon Pillows are the perfect sized fun throw pillows for couches, chairs, loveseats, or beds. Choose one or pair different emoticons pillow for a fun filled room full of emotions and laughter. These a high quality pillows are easy to clean contain no feathers or harmful allergens to irritate your skin. The cushion is made of thick plush which is extremely soft and comfortable. They can be used as cushion, pillow, or expressing yourself.

Package Include:

1 x Emoticon Round Cushion

Product Features

  •  EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE-This is not just a decorative accessory. After all it is a pillow and pillows are made for one and only purpose, to provide comfort. Thanks to their extra soft cover and the special inner material, laying your head on our emoticon pillows will feel like heaven!
  •  UNIQUE GIFT-Show to the people you love the most your feelings or your feelings about them. Gift an emoticon with hearts to your partner or choose from the designs available the one that suits best every occasion. We can assure you that nothing yells more “surprise” than our funny round cushions!
  •  A PERFECT ADDITION-to your bedroom, living room and generally every place you like to relax in. Our colorful and eye-catching pillows will definitely become the main attraction in your house for every guest!
  •  EXCELLENT QUALITY-What we care about the most is your maximum satisfaction and there is no other way to achieve that than with products of unmatched quality. That is why, for the production of our stunning emoticon pillows we have chosen first class, Plush and PP Cotton. An extra durable combination that offers a luxurious feel! 100% Satisfaction – No hassle or Money Back Guarantee 30 Days

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3 Responses to Smile Emoticon Pillow Pink Poop Smile Styles Emoticon Yellow Round Cushion Pillow Emoticon Stuffed Plush Soft Face Doll Toy Decor. 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee. (Smile Poo Rainbow)

  1. CaptainCutie says:

    The Poop Cushion That Feels Anything But Poop! REASON FOR BUYING: A Joke present for Xmas.REVIEW: The cushion was only meant to be a joke but it was actually really soft and nice to lie on! Its a decent size and when turned around, its a comfy little pillow. The eyes and mouth aren’t pressed on flush against the rest of the fabric but its a cheap cushion so you cant expect it to be perfect.PROS: Very SoftLooks hillariousCONS: Mouth and eyes dont feel soft.SUMMARY: For a cheap laugh that…

  2. Sean says:

    Exactly What I Expected and Fast Delivery.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s a fun gift idea. The design is the other way round than what the listing’s photo shows which is not really a problem but not entirely as shown in the photo. The quality is also ok for the price but not as soft as expected and the way the eyes have been stitched on means the positioning is a bit awkward. Of course none of this is really a problem as it is merely a silly, novelty cushion for those who like emojis and you get what you pay for. It’s popular with the little ones and is…