Follow The Money Maze When you give your next gift – whether it’s a gift card, a pair of concert tickets,
some jewelry or good old fashioned legal tender – say so long to the plain vanilla envelope and load your
loot into the Money Maze Old School Puzzle instead.

Frustratingly Phenomenal Fun: This cute little non-toxic 3x3x3 box that comes in four cool colors is
the new way to show you care. Whether you’re a grandma giving the grandkids their first $20 or you’re a
husband who wants to have a little fun while you give your wife that bracelet she’s been eyeing, this is
how you want to do it. Challenge them to use a little ingenuity to finally get their hands on the gift
they’ll love so much. They may give you the evil glare while they’re desperately trying to find the solution,
but then, that’s half the fun!

Everyone Is Fair Game: Young and old alike will be thrilled when you hand them this box of joy. You
may have to wait for the goofy grin until after they find their way through the labyrinth, but it’ll
be worth the wait for sure. This is completely safe for kids because it’s non- toxic, but we recommend
it for ages six and up because younger toddlers may not appreciate the chase. You can even choose from
five difficulty levels depending on just how hard you want the recipient to work.

It’s fun; it’s fresh; and it makes your gift that much more special. Order a few of these unique gift
boxes today. The lucky recipient is sure to be even more thankful (though this may include a playful
smack on the back of the head!)

Product Features

  • ✔ FINDING THE GIFT IS HALF THE FUN: Whoever said receiving cash or gift cards was boring never navigated the this game. Whether you’re giving a gift card, concert tickets, dollars or even jewelry, put away the envelope and instead employ this cool toy with award. It’s a fun, fresh way to give small items.. What a great Cool Birthday & Christmas Gift Idea.
  • ✔ CHALLENGE YOUR RECIPIENT: For kids, it’s a neat, slightly exasperating way for them to get their hands on the prize. They’ll have to use a little ingenuity to get inside the bank, and their anticipation will make the present all the sweeter.
  • ✔ A ROMP FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: While this may at first look like something only a kid would enjoy, don’t be so sure. Everyone loves a challenge – no matter the age. This old-school toy & gift box is perfect for kids aged six and up; it’s colorful and non-toxic, so mom and dad don’t have to worry.
  • ✔ OPENING AN ENVELOPE IS SO PASSE: Your gift deserves a little more fanfare. This game is it! It’s affordable for the giver, a hoot for the recipient, and you can use it again and again. Also works great as a cool 1, 2, 5 dollar coin piggy bank.
  • ✔ AMAZING BIRTHDAY & CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA: Come the holidays, these epic gift givers are going to be in high demand, so pick up several now while they’re deeply discounted. Just enter your quantity and add to your cart today!

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