Sturdy and great to look at, this London Routemaster / Double Decker Bus Spinner souvenir key chain/keyring is a must for every collector! We love how durable the key ring is: a square, golden ring encloses the spinner! “London” is printed in bold, black letters around the ring, and the classic Routemaster / Route Master bus is poised to swing into action! We love the idea of riding around London during the summer months, taking in all the historical details of a wonderfully exciting city! This elegant Routemaster Bus Spinner keyring is made from durable metal and is easy to find in your pocket or purse, jacket or backpack! Entertaining spinning action will keep you entertained on the Underground, on buses, but not during class! We love this keychain and we love collectible British souvenirs! As a memento of past Holidays, or as a reminder that London is calling, we know that this Spinner keyring will be the perfect gift for any season!

Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR HOLIDAYS! For every happy occasion, we are pleased to offer this elegant Routemaster Bus Spinner Keyring! Stylish keyrings / key rings for men and women! The Routemaster / Route Master buses glide down London streets, offering travelers the chance to see the city from a whole new vantage point! A walking tour of London is grand, but a Routemaster Tour bus is much more entertaining!
  • ROYALLY COLLECTIBLE! We love these fashionable key rings / keychains for British Enthusiasts of every age! Red Routemaster / Double Decker Bus Spinner Keyrings are totally collectible! Teenagers collect keyrings on school backpacks, waiting for the day when they will own their own cars! Highly-Collectible Souvenirs for the entire family! Never lose your keys at the Footie game again!
  • GREAT FOR TRAVELERS! Routemaster Spinner key rings / keyrings make the perfect gifts for students, collectors, and fans of British culture! We all know the Double Decker buses as British icons, instantly recognizable in any photo! This Spinner keyring has a charming, elegant square spinner inside of a golden square that has “LONDON” printed in black lettering! Perfect as a fidget toy for new travelers!
  • PERFECT FOR STUDENTS! We also like the idea of gift baskets for any holiday or birthday occasion! We offer a complete line of Union Jack and other British souvenirs! We have all the British icons: Phone Box Money Boxes / Piggy Banks, the Union Jack flag, and even diecast metal London Taxi Cabs! And a Red Routemaster Bus Spinner Keychain makes the whole gift basket complete!
  • 100% GUARANTEED! We understand that sometimes a return is a necessity, and for your shopping convenience we offer no-hassle returns. Simply contact us if you are dissatisfied and we will make you a happy customer, no questions asked. All products are 100% GUARANTEED!

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