Hippity Hop 45 cm / 18 Inch Diameter Including Free Foot Pump, for Children Ages 3-6 Space Hopper, Hop Ball Bouncing Toy – 1 Ball

Benefits of a Hippity Hop
Research has shown that physical play can promote language development, coordination, and cognitive skills. Early introduction to these activities can have long lasting, positive benefits for children. Encouraging children to play with, and jump on, the hippity hop is also a great way to get them to exercise, burn calories, and strengthen their bodies, while enjoying a fun, and stimulating activity.

At Bintiva, we believe that exercising and strengthening should always be a fun and positive experience. Besides strengthening the childs body, these hopping toys helps children learn balance, provides proprioceptive input, and helps orient the vestibular system.

See the Included User Guide for Specific Exercises and the Benefits That They Can Provide.

Bintiva Hippity Hops are crafted from the finest green materials and are free of lead, phthalates, and other dangerous chemicals. It is very sturdy, and has a textured non-slip handle for maximum stability.

Like all Bintiva products, the hippity hop comes with a 100% manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Features

  • A fun and stimulating toy for children ages 3-6, that satisfies the parents, the child, and the environment.
  • Hippity hop encourages children to exercise and strengthen their bodies, in an enjoyable manner.
  • Space hopper is used by educators, physical, and occupational therapists, to strengthen core, abdominal, major leg, and major arm muscles. Jumping provides children with proprioceptive input, balance training and can help with vestibular orientation.
  • Features a textured, easy to grip, handle, for improved stability.
  • Hopper includes a free foot pump for easy inflation, and an instruction chart with specific exercises.

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3 Responses to Hippity Hop 45 cm / 18 Inch Diameter Including Free Foot Pump, for Children Ages 3-6 Space Hopper, Hop Ball Bouncing Toy – 1 Ball

  1. Anonymous says:

    Strong, sturdy ball with foot pump I bought this as a birthday gift for a 5 year old. I loved these bouncy balls as a child in gym class. The ball comes with a convenient foot pump. However, we chose to use our air compressor as was a bit easier and much quicker. The foot pump is a really nice bonus if you do not have an air compressor available. The ball is strong and sturdy. However, I would not recommend using it on rocks or on a driveway in fear that it may get punctured. The graphics on the side are a nice additional…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Burn off extra energy

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic gift!