Galt Toys Ambi Fishing Boat

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2 Responses to Galt Toys Ambi Fishing Boat

  1. Catherine says:

    Great quality toy with lots of ways to play This is a lovely versatile little bath toy with so many ways to play.The construction is nice and durable and the bright colours really appealing. My two children (4 and 2) are able to share it quite nicely – they’re not yet up to the idea of the fishing game but love rescuing the fisherman with his lifebelt. The base of the boat comes apart quite easily – I’m not sure whether this is supposed to happen but it makes it good for scooping up water, which never seems to lose its…

  2. J. Benson says:

    Ahoy! We don’t save this toy just for bath time; it’s just as popular in the sink or the paddling pool. The boat is chunky and well-made (good quality plastic, if that makes sense) and the design means it’s easy to clean. The wheel doubles up as a lifebelt and the fishing rods are masts for the boat. The yellow hatch is big enough to store either the lifeboat or the fish and the hull of the boat will easily store the fishing rods and whatever loose bits aren’t in the hatch on deck. We rescue the…