Fidget Toys 10 Pack – Stress Anxiety Relief Sensory Toys for Autistic Children – Fidgets Figit Therapy Toys for Kids & Adults Dealing with ADHD, Autism, ADD & OCD + Carry Pouch, 2 Carabiners + eBook

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Product Features

  • ☑️ A VERY CALMING EFFECT – Our sensory fidget toys ease anxiety as they calm & soothe finger fidgets for classroom & help increase focus and attention. Recommended by therapists and teachers for sensory kids & adults with adhd fidget toys & concentration issues as a stress relievers. Just twist, bend, squish or roll it and you will be amazed to see how simple, but effective they are!
  • ☑️ IMPROVES FOCUS BY KEEPING HANDS BUSY – With their texture & smooth, these occupational therapy stress relief toys will BREAK HABBITS like nail biting, twisting hair, pen ticking or even smoking. These QUIET figit toys can also help you with dermatillomania and also as physical therapy for stiff fingers due to arthritis.
  • ☑️ BUNNY HOOP TELLING THE STORY – Our offer comes with a Bonus Doctor-Approved illustrated Electronic Book – a fun therapeutic story that helps kids understand why is there a MAGIC PEARL inside. The best anti stress toys on long hours of homework. These special needs toys for adults and children are the perfect gift idea for fidgeters!
  • ☑️ YOU CAN’T LOSE IT – Your 3.5″ marble fidget sensory toy come with a cinchable POUCH so you can stash & tote ’em anywhere. We even include 2 colorful CARABINERS for clipping fidgets figet to backpacks & belt loops. Made of nontoxic & BPA-free nylon mesh, these durable & cool figets figits come in 5 attractive colors and won’t tear or come apart.
  • ☑️ FUNNY AND HELPFUL FIDGITS – Mesh and Marble Fidget Toy are perfect for kids or adults with hyperactivity issues, anxiety or stress! It’s the worry stone of today! Your satisfaction is ensured & backed by our money-back guarantee. With your purchase, Born2Calm will give back 10% from the annual profit to the Autistic community, as donation and charity.

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3 Responses to Fidget Toys 10 Pack – Stress Anxiety Relief Sensory Toys for Autistic Children – Fidgets Figit Therapy Toys for Kids & Adults Dealing with ADHD, Autism, ADD & OCD + Carry Pouch, 2 Carabiners + eBook

  1. Anonymous says:

    Give these fidget toys a try I bought these fidget toys in the attempt to fight my urge to twist my hair – I don’t pull it, I just twist it so much that I end up with damaged hair and often with bad knots that need to be cut off. So, while not damaging as other kinds of BFRB, I still find it distracting and wearying.These toys are pretty simple in principle, there’s a marble sewn inside these little tubes made of some sort of flexible plastic fabric.When I received them I had no real clue about how to use them,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Need A Break? Wow! I never thought something so simple would do the trick. I have a kid that bounces off of the walls, not like his brother or sister, but I mean the kid taps on everything constantly, nothing is sacred. I ran upon this category and said, too good to be true. I tried the Fidget Toy because in the advertisement it appeared to be more sturdy than the others featured and Wow my kid is obsessed with this Toy, and I don’t want to call it a toy because it serves a vital purpose, so I’ll refer to it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fidget Fun! I was not sure if I would use these toys but in fact I have found myself picking them while watching tv, or during breaks at my computer. I find they are best suited for use with both hands with index finger and thumb of each hand. A more coordinated person could use one hand, but I find it hard to get a steady motion going that way. I love the bright colors.The package arrived with everything as described. The stitching is good and the toys are made of nylon. They seem…